It’s all synced and always working for your business!

Work Orders

Generate work orders, keep track of users working on work orders and manage request and inventory right from the form.You can also schedule all PM’s or reoccurring Work orders from this same module.

Asset Management & Live Equipment Monitoring

Keep organized and informed with all your assets in one place. Add live equipment monitoring to receive additional data and help to minimize down times.

Inventory Management

See what you have in stock , on order and requested at all moments.


Know where your request stands at all times and keep track and history of everything that is ordered for any area or equipment!


Know where your money is going categorized by PO, WO and Users and then per Area, Location and equipment in different time frames. Also have these sent directly to you daily weekly etc.

Monitoring Charts

These charts will show you timespans of equipment running so you can analyze problems or issues that may reoccur or ways to make things better.